August 16, 2007


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Yeah kids. Wow, feels like I haven’t surfed for months … since my heat at J-Bay I’ve surfed five times I think.

I had stitches in my eye after my heat with Trent. No surf for a week. I went home from there incubating the worst flu of all time. It hit me down south in Tathra and I then passed it on to all my mates down there, (sucked in, ha ha) they were spewin’! Some of them had the week off work, it was real nasty. Kept me out of the surf for 10 days too.

This is from Palm Beach in Sydney

This is from Palm Beach in Sydney, from an old series of Insight ads. This shot is part of a portfolio us boys are running on the site from photog Nathan Smith. It’ll be up in the features section next week. © Nathan Smith

I came good and went training on the Goldy but it was flat like a pancake, so no surf for that week which brings me up to now. I just got out of hospital after having my Surfer’s Ear operated on. Painful op and another two to three weeks out of the water. Tell ya what I’m going to be absolutely frothin’ for Trestles. A break always does ya good.

Old school Eels legend and south coaster Mick Cronin.

Old school Eels legend and south coaster Mick Cronin. Runs the Gerringong Hotel nowadays.

By the way, how good has the football been? Some crazy games being played coming into finals time. Go the mighty Swans!!! Go the mighty Eels!!!





  1. aren’t you way too young for surfers ear?

    i’m hoping it was because you’ve spent light years longer than the rest of us in the water – and that you’re healed up well and good for trestles.

    a couple of the boys are coming over to see france -lets hope you get some big pits there and upset the top seeds.

    Comment by jimmy — September 5, 2007 @ 10:38 pm

  2. Can you tell me the name of your brother who plays rugby for Ireland. I think we need him were playing crap in the world cup.

    Comment by Hugh — September 23, 2007 @ 2:58 pm

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