August 6, 2007


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Here is the shot — Booooooooooom. Old frog skins Rule!!! o yeah that’s lil john!!

Here is the shot — Booooooooooom. Old frog skins Rule!!! o yeah that’s lil john!!

OK, blog time. It’s been a while and I am sorry but little Tommy Whits hasn’t been in the best of health! There was some stinky bug going around in J-Bay which got me good and proper. Loaded up on painkillers for my heat, I felt OK, just the waves didn’t go my way, and in surfing u get that!

No time to dwell though, just take a moment and see what u could have done different, learn and then move the hell on. It’s only halfway through the year so it’s still game on.

The long trip home didn’t do the health much help (downside of travel), and I was struck down with the flu pretty damn bad, lots of water and sweating and I was on another flight to The States for the US Open. I’m not going to do the WQS but it’s a good contest to hang out with your sponsors and enjoy a bit of summer! The waves were terrible and I tried to sit down the beach on Machado’s bank … Oh well. again the waves didn’t go my way but u can’t get too down with our lifestyle.

I planned to hang around for a couple of reasons, (1) I enjoy the warmth and good times with some great people I have met over the years, (2) get some sessions out Trestles – it’s only five weeks away — and get a head start on trying boards out there.

Well the good times were first, as the swell was hitting later and one of the things about The States is u never know what or who you’re going to rock out with.

Last year we partied in Hollywood at a well-known celeb hang out, silly little surfers were blind drunk mixing it with five or six big name celebs, ha ha ha the perks of knowing a few people!

This year I had a signing on the first day I felt half decent. It was a circus and after it we grabbed a table at a Mexican for a feed and some margaritas! Well, being sponsored by Oakley has its huge extras, we ended up rocking out with a Rapper Lil John (who also wears Oakley) all afternoon, getting on the sip and laughing our way around lots of establishments!

Boom, it was a bangin’ afternoon and I would like to fill u in on all the detail but some stuff is just better left to the imagination.

Few days later I had dealt with the hangover and organised a session at Trestles, waves had come up and it was really fun, surfed for three and a half hours straight, tried two boards out and feel good about it! Off to the airport that night for a red eye home, business class … Wicked I’ll get some sleep!

Slept well but think I went a little hard too early. The sickness has attacked again and I am bedridden with Broncitis! Oh well, I have a good month to get over it, get fit and come out blazing for the second half of the year because as I said its time to pull the finger out and get back up those ratings!

Hope it’s an OK read, did my best with how I’m feeling (whinge, whinge, etc).

Catch ya soon.



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  1. ah whits thats what happens when you’re living the rock star lifestyle! next stop bobby brown. rest up, we expect big ones in the us and france.

    Comment by himmy — August 6, 2007 @ 11:35 pm

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