July 16, 2007


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 Brooko’s Blog

Sorry ’bout the lack of blog entries but I been a busy man. Well, it depends on your definition of busy really. Since my last entry I’ve been to the Maldives for a WQS, over to Chile for the Rip Curl Search Event and now I’m in South Africa for the Durban ‘QS and J-Bay Pro. All that travelling and lots of jet lag, the last thing I wanted to do was bang some keys on computer, but I’m settled now, down in J’bay.

Poor man’s winkipop  Alan Van Guysen

Poor man’s winkipop? © Alan Van Guysen

Looking out the window, seeing long drawn out swell lines and a stiff off shore wind, makes me feel a little home sick. It’s good though, back to my roots. With Winkipop my home break – J-Bay would have to be the closest wave in the world to it. I feel right at home here. With the last couple of years losing in small swells here I was hoping for a bit of juice.

Played golf at the New Jack Nicolas Links in St Francis – Amazing. Spent most of the time in the bush or on the beach though, tough course.



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