July 13, 2007


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OK, so I got a couple of comments off my last blog about Otto’s sack, and how it’s pretty much ruining a good sunset. Well, I think he has some weird feelings for them as he cant keep them is his pants. He now thinks he has to get them as close to my face as possible. Does anyone think this is weird? Can I get a vote? Thanks


There are so many things wrong with this picture.

The dude who wrote “are you kidding there are no women in Chile” … First lesson in travelling on the tour; tell your girl, wife or lover that there are never any women anywhere. Trust me you will be allowed away more often.

When I got back from Chile I got to surf the craziest waves at ‘Ours’ I have ever surfed. The Wed when we flew in you could see the lines and the waves from the plane so you know it is big. It was by far the biggest waves ever surfed at Ours.

Koby, Mark Mathews and Richie were by far the stand outs. If you want to see the shots go to any newsagency and by a mag in a week or so. One of the shots will be on a cover for sure.

I’m in J-Bay right now. It’s my fav stop on tour for sure. The swell is supposed to pump so it’s all looking good, Oh yeah, and there are heaps of amazing women everywhere.


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  1. kids got balls!

    Comment by idiot — July 15, 2007 @ 9:06 am

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