July 10, 2007


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OK, here we are sitting in my hotel room in Durban South Africa. I came to this wild country a little early for a few reasons: 1. I went to J-Bay for a day to get some waves before the rest of the circus turns up!
2. The jetlag from Aus to SA is really bad, so I wanted to get that out of the way.
3. And the third? To hopefully make some pocket money in the WQS event in Durban!

Not too sure I want to talk about the Chile event. For me, that event didn’t exactly go to plan. I had a few fun free surfs and some nice barrels but a few poor decisions in my heats led me to some of the biggest hammerings I think I have ever had!

The place was really cool though and damn cheap – felt like I had money to burn!. So I’ve taken that contest result as a big kick up the butt and am excited about getting back down the J-Bay.

Its a pretty special place down there; great people; nice food; some cool golf courses (one new Jack Nicholas course I’m really keen to hack round); oh yeah, and of course its got a pretty damn good wave!

There isn’t a much better sight in surfing than seeing J-Bay stacked to the horizon with lines, offshore winds, and let’s just throw OCCY drawing his crazy powerful lines in for good measure! It’s got that really cool climate where you get to rug up mornings and nights (the coffee tastes a little better when its cold), but is warm most of the days.

Another cool thing this year is my good old mate and veteran of our sport, Jake The Snake, is going to be around! He’s here in Durban with me and it’s really cool to be hangin’ out again but the best thing is that the two-time J-Bay champ has hand-crafted me a weapon to ride at the famous spot! Not to take anything away from my shaper Rod Dahlberg who always puts gems under my feet but can u imagine one of ya best mates and all time great surfers surprising u with a board he made specifically for spot he has won twice at!

Snakeman knows his way around a board. Shield.

Snakeman knows his way around a board. © Shield.

It looks like a pig but gee I’m excited!(Hahaha, just kidding, it looks great!) Well, better run, this little sport nut is watching Wimbledon then heading to shark park to watch some local rugby, hit the hay, then get up for a heat.

Hope u are all well and getting some waves or enjoying a cold beer! (Both really good things!)

Beat It.




  1. Go Whits! Reckon Jbay is the place for you to bring one home. With Snake in your corner you can’t go wrong. Hope there is some size so you can blow shit up. All the best.

    Comment by hyatt — July 10, 2007 @ 11:22 pm

  2. Hey Whit’s beter luck next time. You can still turn this year around.

    Comment by David — July 13, 2007 @ 6:21 pm

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