July 3, 2007


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Yeah lips … OK, all you crazy kids out there, I just touched down in Sydney after a couple of really hectic weeks on the road …

Embracing Arica.

Embracing Arica.

I think my last chat was about Tahiti … Straight from there I shot thru to Bali to get all weird for the new crazy Insight advertising campaign. Now this was a really bangin’ time.

We had some really pumping swells and surfed a couple of new waves. Yes, yes there are a couple of secrets in Bali so get on your moto and search it out! My favourite part about Bali is easily the food … Umm, that’s a lie… its’ girls, then the food! But anyway I ate a lot. How cheap is it? Crazy!

go south, then left.

Chile: go south, then left.

We nailed the shoot and I bailed back to Sydney for a day then charged off to the WCT in Chile. I did a sneaky trip down south with fellow Insight team rider Luke Stedman. Geez we had a cool time down there as ya can see from Steds’ blog. The only thing that sucked was Luke trying to play guitar. He fully stinks but really thinks he can play. Nails on a chalk board.

Steds’ and his crucial pre-jam caffeine hit.

Steds’ and his crucial pre-jam caffeine hit.

Like I said, got back to Sydney today, straight of the plane and Myself, TB, T WHITS, Jimmy CLOUSE and Sponnas jetskied over to OURS but it was shit. After being away for almost the best East Coast swell I’ve heard of we tried to catch the tail end of it but got skunked. Win some, lose some. Anyhow, its now 6am and I have been awake since 2:30am … Aaarrgghhhh, jet lag!!!!!

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