July 30, 2007


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Baywatch is pretty funny at 4am when you’re jet lagged. Really good time to punch on a couple of keys though.

J-Bay was rad although it really kind of dragged on in the end with the lack of waves so Lion parks were a good option. Mitch nearly got his faced scratched off by this 10-month-old cub. As you can see by Mitch’s face this was a close call for the commentator of the contest.

I have actually done some boxing training with Mitch and he has never moved like this before.

I have actually done some boxing training with Mitch and he has never moved like this before.

m Size 11. Do you think Mr Lion would like a pair like mine.

‘m Size 11. Do you think Mr Lion would like a pair like mine.

It was small for a while so I even went for a game of golf? I hate Golf!

It was small for a while so I even went for a game of golf? I hate Golf!

I like J Bay though. Do I have to explain why???

I like J Bay though. Do I have to explain why???


July 27, 2007


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Don’t have much to say except – probably should not have went to J-Bay.

Happier times with Kling-On in Tahiti a few months back. © Joli

Happier times with Kling-On in Tahiti a few months back. © Joli

Got last, and hurt my knee more than what originally happened in Chile. So have been trying to keep my knee straight and stay off it so the couch has been my new best friend.

Should still be good by Trestles though, which is a huge blessing.




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Well, That was quite the mission getting home. After four flights — one being cancelled and then rescheduled six hours later before being delayed another four hours — and about 24 hours on planes including a cool 19 hours of layover thrown in I stumbled off the plane into the beautiful tradewind breeze’s of the Hawaiian Islands.

Never miss coming home. This is Jamie O.

Never miss coming home. This is Jamie O. © Andre Z

Ahhhh, it feels good to me home! J-Bay has still eluded me. This was my second pilgrimage to the famed right-hand point break and I am pretty shattered that it had not gotten over 3′.

It is a really soft wave at that size and a little sectiony. You have to nurse your turns which is frustrating because you have so much down the line speed. When you do get a good section it’s a tight, high, compact pocket which really only lends itself to a projection turn down the line. It is a really good wave for riding twin fins and fish models. Fast highline trim yourself silly. At that size anyway.

What a magical location. The point itself is just beautiful. The sunrise sessions are lit up with all kinds of pink and orange colors. The dolphins greet you daily and you can’t help but love the beauty of the countryside around the town. Had a great trip!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

All the best!


How u goin?

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Just got back from Sth Africa for Billabong Pro. We had a pretty long wait for waves but that’s what we do!!

This is what I think of Mexicana Airlines.

This is what I think of Mexicana Airlines.

Got some good free sessions before the event and felt really good. Won my second round against Occy, was a tight heat but just come out on top. In my third round ht I got beaten by Luke stedman, it was real inconsistent and he got the two only sets that came in. He surfed good though. Taj blew up ay, the little legend!

Before J-Bay was in Mexico , Puerto Escondido for the X Games, and the waves were sooo good! Had a ball ay! I left Mexico with a good dose of the runs as well and still have em!

Also, the airline I was travelling with, Mexicana Airlines, somehow lost my two boardbags (10+ boards) and a massive travel bag … Can u believe it!?! And they are still lost!

Luckily my girl threw in two boards with her gear just in case! I’m at home getting’ ready for the Trestles event in America — training and just cruisin.

Talk soon


July 26, 2007


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Hey guys, well here I am back home at 4am, wide-awake. Ah the joys of jetlag! I found myself in at the doctor’s yesterday with an infected foot full of cuts from those mussels and rocks in J-Bay.

Wasn’t too bad on the frothier bigger days like in my heat here, but on the smaller days your feet get minced on the bottom at J-Bay.

So she put me on some antibiotics and said stay out of the water for a week, are you kidding me!?! Well there’s no waves here in Byron Bay anyway, so sweet. Well I might whack some TV on, grab a coffee and enjoy the lounge, Stay tuned.

Danny Wills

July 19, 2007


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Just sitting here in J’Bay waiting for my Round 3 heat. It’s been a week since I surfed my last heat in Round 1, which I snuck through in the last two minutes, which was a relief. Its always good winning your first heat.

The week off’s been good though cos I’ve got to take time out and go to the Lion Park and play with the baby cubs and check out all the other cool animals.

When we were walking in, one of the trainers was holding his arm, he just got bitten by an 8-month-old lion. It was pretty heavy. He said he felt the teeth hit his bone.

nobodies friends. Joli

Lion Cubs: nobodies friends. Joli

Had a game of golf yesterday too with Shaun Cans and Kerrsy and the girls. It was pretty fun, we’re all hackers so it was really even coming down to the last hole. But I ended up taking the wins so I was pretty stoked.

They’re forecasting some swell for tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get back in the water. I’m in Heat 1 of the day with Rodrigo who has been surfing really well, so it’s going to be a good heat. I’m really looking forward to it.

Until next time,



July 18, 2007

I didn’t realise how close the wave broke to the rocks too …

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Ben Dunn’s Blog

Hey, just got back from my first trip to J-Bay. Found the wave kinda hard to read, just saw the long wall and didnt know what to do. Didn’t realise how close the wave broke to the rocks too.

The smaller it gets, the hungrier the rocks get …

1 The smaller it gets, the hungrier the rocks get …

2. And the rocks are covered in mussels that love eating toes.

Had a good time though, went and checked out some lions on a safari and played a sick new golf course there. At home now for a week before I go off to the US Open next week in Cali.


July 17, 2007


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Well, when I got back from Chile in the final, on the last wave, I hit my knee hard on the reef but just thought it was really sore and should be right.

Well before going to J-bay it was taking a bit to get better and so I went to the Doc and had it checked out just to make sure and found out that I fractured the bottom of my knee cap.

waves that break this long and mechanically need bionic knees.

Was pretty devastated when the Doc told me to, “Stay off it and it will heal in six weeks.” I told him I was going to J-Bay no matter what and he said to just surf heats then.

Got to J-Bay and surfed before my heat and felt okay, the pain was tolerable but the knee just felt really weak with how long that dang wave is. It’s a hard wave for me to surf and with a bum knee felt like a kook out there.

Didn’t say much because didn’t really want any one to know because a lot of times at J-Bay only a few waves come in and felt that if I could be on those waves could have a chance to make a couple of heats but didn’t happen.

I am back home now and the family did great on the trip. I think Savanna did better than me on the plane, she was sleeping for like 12 hours long on the trip back which was a treat.

Well will be just chilling for about a month to get this knee right which I am sure my family is stoked about because there’ll be no jetting off to do any trips.

Sometimes that’s good because you can hang with family and friends that you haven’t seen in awhile but it’s hard because all I’m thinking about is getting back in the water.



July 16, 2007


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 Brooko’s Blog

Sorry ’bout the lack of blog entries but I been a busy man. Well, it depends on your definition of busy really. Since my last entry I’ve been to the Maldives for a WQS, over to Chile for the Rip Curl Search Event and now I’m in South Africa for the Durban ‘QS and J-Bay Pro. All that travelling and lots of jet lag, the last thing I wanted to do was bang some keys on computer, but I’m settled now, down in J’bay.

Poor man’s winkipop  Alan Van Guysen

Poor man’s winkipop? © Alan Van Guysen

Looking out the window, seeing long drawn out swell lines and a stiff off shore wind, makes me feel a little home sick. It’s good though, back to my roots. With Winkipop my home break – J-Bay would have to be the closest wave in the world to it. I feel right at home here. With the last couple of years losing in small swells here I was hoping for a bit of juice.

Played golf at the New Jack Nicolas Links in St Francis – Amazing. Spent most of the time in the bush or on the beach though, tough course.


July 13, 2007


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Sted’s Blog

OK, so I got a couple of comments off my last blog about Otto’s sack, and how it’s pretty much ruining a good sunset. Well, I think he has some weird feelings for them as he cant keep them is his pants. He now thinks he has to get them as close to my face as possible. Does anyone think this is weird? Can I get a vote? Thanks


There are so many things wrong with this picture.

The dude who wrote “are you kidding there are no women in Chile” … First lesson in travelling on the tour; tell your girl, wife or lover that there are never any women anywhere. Trust me you will be allowed away more often.

When I got back from Chile I got to surf the craziest waves at ‘Ours’ I have ever surfed. The Wed when we flew in you could see the lines and the waves from the plane so you know it is big. It was by far the biggest waves ever surfed at Ours.

Koby, Mark Mathews and Richie were by far the stand outs. If you want to see the shots go to any newsagency and by a mag in a week or so. One of the shots will be on a cover for sure.

I’m in J-Bay right now. It’s my fav stop on tour for sure. The swell is supposed to pump so it’s all looking good, Oh yeah, and there are heaps of amazing women everywhere.

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