June 18, 2007


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Here we go again, Round Two of the blog match! I’m writing it a day after the dreaded Queenslanders just went two up and won the State Of Origin series (Rugby League). Oh well, that’s cool they can have that as long as my team The Roosters keep winning! Oh crap they’re on the bottom of the table as well.

Ummm, What other sports are happening? Tennis? Nah, Lleyton lost in France and second round at Queens. I know… Golf! If we don’t mention how Adam Scott crumbled in the last round in the St Jude we can all get excited that an Aussie might win another major!!!.

Wicked ,and lets not forget about our little mate Casey Stoner in the Moto GP, winning the world title race ahead of Rossi that’s like say, Fanning beating Kelly!! Wow, that’s happening as well!!!!!!! Pretty bangin’ times to be a sports NUT!!!!

Lleyton may be losing but he’s doing a bit better than England’s favourite laughing stock Tim Henman in this shot.

Lleyton may be losing but he’s doing a bit better than England’s favourite laughing stock Tim Henman in this shot.

So what has little Tommy Whits been up too after his trip in Indo? Lets see … It’s again time to talk about the really cool things about being a pro surfer. After returning from Indo I had four brand new Rod Dahlberg (sponsor plug) short boards to try out which over the last three weeks has been really fun. Put new sprays on them, stickered them up and am still trying to see which one goes the best!

I picked up Troy Brooks and Luke Munro from the airport and had breakfast with them (talked a whole lot of nothing). They were on their way to the Maldives event (hard gig)!!

I also had a game of golf with Mr Jarrod Howse in which he narrowly missed out on the wooden spoon by one stoke to our mate Bobby Spoon Yaldwin!!!!!!!! A huge congrats to Clouse-dog for his big efforts with two 2nds putting him 4th on the WQS and looking good to rejoin our travel team on the WCT!

There’s the little stories from my time off, but the big trip was a golf weekend away with eight of my good mates including ex-‘CT surfer Luke Hitcho. With the terrible weather hitting the East Coast our trip was shortened by a day but that just meant we had to go harder in what time we had! We played plenty of golf, sipped on plenty of drinks and ate plenty of great food!!! Does it get much better?

Hitcho, deep concentration in his flash red pants.

Hitcho, deep concentration in his flash red pants.

One quick story was a silly game we played under the influence of beers in which u had to stand in front of your clubs and the rest of the boys get to rip in and say what they think about your golf game!! It was pretty standard until I got up, first guy tore shreds off me, but not about golf it was all about how bad I surf heats and why I loose and how I should win,!! Ouch, it kind of hurt but hopefully u will see some better results come out of it!!! (That’s if I remember any of it, ha ha ha). Hangin’ out with Hitcho again was absolute gold, that guy is the funniest man and best bloke eva. To all those who have meet him; YES he still loves a beer; YES he still sleeps standing, sitting or dancing when he is drunk; and YES he still snores louder than ever (out of both ends!)

Back home I heard the waves were pumping while I was away, which always seems to happen!!!! (Cry me a river). But I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Too much work and not enough play makes little Whits a sore grape!!!! Hahahaha. Off to Chile in a few days and from all reports it’s been pumping and looks like it will continue for the event!! Looks like Rip Curl will score again.

This is “El Buey” in Arica, just down the beach from “El Gringo”. Doesn’t make any sense? Well, it’s close to the Casino anyway. Photo - Andrez Z

This is “El Buey” in Arica, just down the beach from “El Gringo”. Doesn’t make any sense? Well, it’s close to the Casino anyway. © Andrez Z

I’ll be sure to let u all know how the place and surf is over there. I heard we are staying next door to the casino. Look out Oceans 13.

Think of me when u are having a beer and I am dragging my two board bags through an airport because I’ll make sure I’ll think of u while standing in a nice tube!!(little bit mean, sorry)

Catch ya soon,



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  1. It would be interesting for you to look into my site, you will possibly have a better idea of what is going on in the sporting industry today. I am affraid you favorite team (the roosters) are an off side this year, if the system allows they may be turned on neet year.

    yours truly geoff watt

    Comment by Geoff Watt — August 30, 2009 @ 10:08 am

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