May 30, 2007

The Nailbiter With Cory & The Sweet 9.9.

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OK, Tahiti. First off, BOOM, amazing time at my first Teahupoo event.

Stayed with Luke Steds and Dayyan for the entire contest and we had a groovy time. We stayed with the Parker family and they have a great little establishment right on the point at Chopes.

With Steds and Dayyan stocking up with about 600 litres of water.

With Steds and Dayyan stocking up with about 600 litres of water. © Joli

The contest is like nothing I’ve been in before. Sitting out in the water is unbelievable. There are literally 30 boats and 200 people a stone’s throw from the take off. As you surf the wave you watch all the people and boats fly by while trying to negotiate a crazy pit.

I had made it to the quarter finals and billabong decided to extend the waiting period for a swell that was coming. I was up against Cory Lopez. He is real good out there and a past winner of the event. I knew it would be a tough, tough heat. I didn’t think that after the first 5 minutes of the heat I would need a combo of 17.5 though.

So, I’m sitting with priority, Cory already had two high 8pt waves and this lump rolls in. I nearly missed it, but scraped down and stood in a perfect barrel and scored an 8.77. I thought, “Right, I’m back in this.” Cory had priority but made a crucial error, paddling and standing on a really bad wave.

Deciding whether to extend the contest for good waves.

Deciding whether to extend the contest for good waves. © Joli

The door opened a little for me. Then five mins later, a bomb wave rolls in and I take a real late drop, pull in, the wave goes white, but the spit blows me thru to the channel. The judges award me a 9.9. I take the lead. Cory is not happy.

Next heat i lose to mick fanning because of a similar error like Cory. I’m that frothing though, 3rd place at Chopes … thankyou very much. No complaints…BOOM.





  1. Good show Kai!!! Way to represent the rookie at Teahupoo!!!

    Comment by Cristen — May 30, 2007 @ 6:02 pm

  2. Hey, cool that Otts is doing so well. Glad to hear The Power Of Now ia taking a positive light in surfing circles. I think there are no limits now. Just blow up man. My moneys on you,.

    Comment by Hugh — June 15, 2007 @ 4:59 am

  3. you have always been a good kid but now a man just keep the dream alive you never know what’s around the corner

    Comment by dazza.b n/n — June 24, 2007 @ 10:40 am

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