May 30, 2007

The Nailbiter With Cory & The Sweet 9.9.

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OK, Tahiti. First off, BOOM, amazing time at my first Teahupoo event.

Stayed with Luke Steds and Dayyan for the entire contest and we had a groovy time. We stayed with the Parker family and they have a great little establishment right on the point at Chopes.

With Steds and Dayyan stocking up with about 600 litres of water.

With Steds and Dayyan stocking up with about 600 litres of water. © Joli

The contest is like nothing I’ve been in before. Sitting out in the water is unbelievable. There are literally 30 boats and 200 people a stone’s throw from the take off. As you surf the wave you watch all the people and boats fly by while trying to negotiate a crazy pit.

I had made it to the quarter finals and billabong decided to extend the waiting period for a swell that was coming. I was up against Cory Lopez. He is real good out there and a past winner of the event. I knew it would be a tough, tough heat. I didn’t think that after the first 5 minutes of the heat I would need a combo of 17.5 though.

So, I’m sitting with priority, Cory already had two high 8pt waves and this lump rolls in. I nearly missed it, but scraped down and stood in a perfect barrel and scored an 8.77. I thought, “Right, I’m back in this.” Cory had priority but made a crucial error, paddling and standing on a really bad wave.

Deciding whether to extend the contest for good waves.

Deciding whether to extend the contest for good waves. © Joli

The door opened a little for me. Then five mins later, a bomb wave rolls in and I take a real late drop, pull in, the wave goes white, but the spit blows me thru to the channel. The judges award me a 9.9. I take the lead. Cory is not happy.

Next heat i lose to mick fanning because of a similar error like Cory. I’m that frothing though, 3rd place at Chopes … thankyou very much. No complaints…BOOM.




May 29, 2007


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Tahiti was long but felt really good when it was all said and done. Tahiti is very beautiful but really laid back and can get pretty boring when there is no surf. During the down time there was lots of card games and crap talking to pass time.

When the final day came around I was feeling really good and felt that leading up to that day things were really going my way. For example anytime I needed a wave in a heat it would just come. Even if there wasn’t much time I was pretty calm and cool that it was coming which is huge in competition.

That isn’t usually me and I tend to get a little amped and make an error at the end of the heat when I should have just kept my cool. The last day of the contest I was thinking that this could be my day and to just keep the rhythm I had going.

Still got to do your washing.

Still got to do your washing. © Joli

Well the day started off a bit slow for me but was able to get some momentum in the first heat which was pretty close. After that, was able to surf against Parko which being on tour for 8 years I have never surfed against him.

There weren’t really any waves for that heat and I happened to catch the couple that came through. In the final against Mick I knew it was going to be a hard one, he brings so much energy to every heat which I love.

Mick beat me in the Brazil final and all I was thinking was ‘don’t let him beat you again in another final’. Well, Mick had the upper hand in the whole heat – being he had the high score, so I had to just sit and not let him get another huge score and hopefully I would be able to get him in the end.

Board rack back at the house. Didn’t get to use many of them.

Board rack back at the house. Didn’t get to use many of them. © Joli

Even though there wasn’t much time left I still felt like a wave was coming to give me a chance. The wave came and I was just able to get the score. Mick surfed a great heat and I was fortunate enough to be able to beat him, which I was so pleased to have pulled off.

Mick is a great competitor and a great sport no matter if he wins or losses and I really appreciated that. I was going to stay the next day for the swell that was going to peak but felt like I had to get back to see the family so I left that night. Thank you again to all the great people in Tahiti for all your love,



Ski Carnage, Rik Love in Indo, & Bizarre Chest Waxing Rituals

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Blog time get rooted, YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW.

Big step for T Whits. Most people who know me would laugh at the sight of a sport addict sitting in front of a computer for any extended period of time. I’m one who jumps on the net to (a) Check my footy tipping results, (b) See if Bronte Reef is breaking and (c) every third day get my emails!(Normally about three emails a week and I find that hard to deal with).

Anyhow, here we go. After having a chat with Jake Pato, aka “The Godfather”, I’m going to attempt to put a few words together. I’ve got the French Open tennis on the TV and a huge cup of steamy hot Java and right now I’m feeing like a bit of a nerd/professional!(I kind of like it!)

Federer is leading the first set 5-4. (I’ll keep u updated!)

South Coast, a couple of months back.

South Coast, a couple of months back. © Billy Morris

OK. ’07 so far has been pretty damn fun, I won’t bore u with a recap but just a real quick overview (they are probably the same thing, ha ha ha). Contest wise its been OK, one big result at Bells and beating that guy, what’s his name? Mr Kelly Slater, goes down as one of my career highlights. Besides that its been all fun with a bit of torturous training.

My sponno Oakley brought me a new jet ski, yes, us pro surfers are spoilt, and if u ask my mates again it would be a toss of the coin what I’m more comfortable on, the ski or my computer!!! Just to prove it, my first outing was a trip across to Straddie while at the Goldie contest. Luke Steds and I nailed the test and got our licence, (I won’t tell u how many times we needed to take it but Steds did it a few more than me, ha ha). We took Phil Macca who regards himself as “Aussie Laird”(Sorry Snake, I know u like that title too). and off we went! A few little hiccups but nothing major until we arrive at Straddie and need to drive it up the beach,

“Time it just behind a wave, gun it and switch it off as u hit the beach,” Phil told me, Sweet, I nailed it, except Steds who was on the back wasn’t ready for the tip of the slide and fell off as we hit the beach at 70kms. He grabbed Phil as he fell, who then grabbed me and all of us rolled up the hard sand laughing our arses off. Phil and I kept laughing even harder when we discovered Steds had broken the tip of his board in all the fun!!!

I have made myself look pretty good here so I must confess while towing Steds into some fun peaks I thought I was the king on my new ride. As soon as u get too confident you’re gone, and yes, in my first outing I flipped the thing! IDIOT but gee we had fun.

So there is my first story and I wont kill u with too many as I’m sure these blog thingos will get harder and harder.

Rain Delay in tennis, Federer leading and one cup of coffee drunk!

The beach scene after the epic Straddie jet-ski landing

The beach scene after the epic Straddie jet-ski landing

I’ll take u straight to the present. I have just arrived home from one of my funniest trips ever and also one of the most touching. A boat trip in the Mentawais with most of my best mates on tour! Snake, TB, Steds, Clouse , the always hilarious Ronnie Blakey, photogs Nath Smith, Nate Lawrence and Pete. But the best and most incredible surfer on our trip was the freak Richard Dic Lovitt.

What an amazing story, a year and a half ago he was surfing and beating the best surfers in the world when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Now with a metal hip he was back surfing solid 6-8′ waves with the biggest grin on his face ever. Yeah, he got the best bed and we had to make his cups of tea, and do some stuff for him I’m sure he could do himself but not one of us cared less! I have never been in a line up and watched pro surfers watch and cheer another pro surfer so much, we are normally way too competitive.

To see Ric surf like he did and push it more and more was easily one of the best surfing experiences I (and I’m sure the others) have ever had! My hats off to u Ric u truly are a legend of our sport!

On a lighter side to our trip (i wont bore u with the surf but yeah it was pumping) was a few weird music clips we did and a couple of good drinking sessions! The music clips were hilarious, can you imagine what our Indo boat crew were thinking when Snake, with a dress shirt undone, tiny bike tights and his bald head, got up and mimed and sung into a camera? I’m sure u might see a bit of it on our web site, I might start a poll to see who wants it!

Drinking games are pretty normal on boat trips and so is shaving hair so the quick outcome was: SNAKE – No hair on head (ha ha, had to throw that in), and chest. Also had to put on Clouse’s shaved hair. TAJ- No armpit hair (yuk), had his eyebrows almost gone but won them back just in time!

RIC LOVE – Chest hair gooooone.

CLOUSE- Shaved head, pretty heavy for a super model.

RONNIE – Shaved back, chest and armpits, think he liked it so much he did his testicles!!

MYSELF – Shaved chest, said I never would and now the boys at Bondi Rescue think I have finally come around! Ouch.

Well, there u go, just a few stories I hoped u enjoyed. If I get up to anything fun before Chile I’ll keep u informed. I do have a golf weekend booked with all my mates including ex WCT surfer Hitcho, so that will be a lot of laughs.

‘Til next time, keep your stubs cold, in case I drop in for one or twenty!

See Ya,


PS: Tennis still on rain delay!

May 20, 2007


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OK kids … I made it to Tahiti. I’m staying with Tommy Whits, Steds and Dayyan. We have a cool little crib on the point at Chopes. The boys have been rippin’ me all day about my shithouse mozzie net purchase. I paid 60 skins for what I thought was a crocodile-proof net, turns out it wouldn’t even stretch over my bed. Fuck, so ripped off. I’m now using an old $10 special I found in another room.

It looks big and luxurious on the packet

It looks big and luxurious on the packet

but looks more like this when ya try it on for size.

but looks more like this when ya try it on for size.

My froth got the better of me early today. I convinced the boys to paddle out without checking it in the dark. The call was ‘back to bed’ but I was frothin’ to surf so we charged out.

It’s been raining so hard all night that the whole ocean is poo brown. The waves were 2′ max and the current was crazy. We don’t have a boat so we have to paddle out to the break. It was terrible. The coffee and brekky chats were amazing though. Back with more during the week



May 9, 2007


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 Brooko’s Blog

I’m back on the road, this time from one extreme to the next. Last week I was over in Scotland; this week, Tahiti.

Benny B getting slabbed at Brims Ness

Benny B getting slabbed at Brims Ness

Thurso, Scotland: 5degree water temp, 5/4/3 wetsuits, booties, hoods, gloves. Coming from Bells Beach I thought we had it tough. I now have a new meaning forthe word COLD. Thurso is a pretty sick place, with a bunch of right slabbing reefs.

13oz rod and reel set-up in the local Thurso tackle store can land you one of these sought-after Sea Trouts.

13oz rod and reel set-up in the local Thurso tackle store can land you one of these sought-after Sea Trouts.

I did crap in the comp. The Hog took me and the comp out, with travel buddy Jarrad Howse coming second. At least the trophy ended up back in OZ. Twenty hours on a steel bird later, and, boom, Tahiti. The water temp alone is 22 degrees hotter. The comp started Day One but now the waiting game begins and it’s not looking good.

A little warmer at Teahupoo.

A little warmer at Teahupoo.

The swell forecast is flat, flat, and flat. So, what will happen? Hopefully a swell. Anyway, ’til then, it’s fishing, cards, touch football and plenty of down time.

Speak soon,


May 8, 2007


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Sted’s Blog

Wicked Web kids, Had the worst electronic experience ever. Had my computer stolen on a flight, then my phone blew up. Anyway I’m back now and better than ever with my new black lappy. Dynamite.

Kicking it in Tahiti and if we were in Sydney with all this rain we are having here our dams would be at 99%. The rain here is fucked up.

You can still get around in the rain, especially if you hitch a ride on this boat with it’s own bark roof. The mobile anti-rain party pontoon. Joli

You can still get around in the rain, especially if you hitch a ride on this boat with it’s own bark roof. The mobile anti-rain party pontoon. © Joli

Went for an early in the dark this morning only to be greeted by an onshore and brown water from all the rain that has fallen over the past 24 hours. It was still fun though and we had it to ourselves though it was nothing like we have been seeing on the news and stuff while we have been in Sydney. We really want to get it good but the outlook is not looking so Bueno.

Heavy. If someone could send me sleeping pills (a week’s worth) that would be cool. Kidding, its all fun and games and with Whits, Otto and Dayyan, I know it will be good times no matter what. I might end up killing Dayyan in his sleep though.

Talk soon kids.


May 1, 2007


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After Bells, flew out to California to get a bunch of big boards and do the Body Glove Surf Bout which is usually really fun to do because you get to surf Lowers with only 4 guys out. Lowers loves a South swell but was hit with some late North action which turns it into a weak right point, but at least there were some waves to compete on.

After the sloppy North Swells of Trestles, Tahiti’s always number one.

After the sloppy North Swells of Trestles, Tahiti’s always number one. © Joli

I had planned to go to Tahiti on Sunday but being that a big swell is supposed to hit Sunday and I lost in the contest I will now leave on Saturday. It’s supposed to be pretty big so I am sure you will see something from this swell lets just hope the weather holds up. I am looking forward to go to Tahiti haven’t been barreled in a long time so can’t wait to get there. Just hope I don’t hurt myself too much before the contest starts.



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