April 17, 2007


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Hello, Hello. Just been hanging out in God’s Country, Bells Beach: Still home for we, wicked. Flew over from the West where I got a 9th in the surf and the blow- ins won cricket.

Nothing better than a beer and a pie at the footy

Nothing better than a beer and a pie at the footy.

The last five years the surfers (blow-ins), captained by Snake, have been playing a cricket match with local side the Dunsbourgh Squeezers. We were tied two-wins-a-piece and this was the decider. We were clearly outclassed in skill but our heart got us over the line, with Tom Whitz hitting 20 runs off the last over to win by 2 runs. All I did was try not to get out. I took four catches in the outfield though, Yeeha.

A Swan killing a Tiger

A Swan killing a Tiger

When I got back to Victoria for Bells, I took a diversion to Melbourne’s MCG stadium to watch the mighty Richmond Tigers take on the Sydney Swans in Australian Football. Sick game, with the Swans running away with it in the last quarter. Otto is a mad Sydney fan and I had to listen to him sing the team song the whole way home.



April 16, 2007


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Well, as usual, Bells went close to the end of the waiting period with a lot of down time and waiting. I was one of the first heats of Round 2 since I didn’t win my first heat, and was getting up about 6am for a week before they decided to go down the coast and run us in a right that was similar to Bells but on sand. Bells was flat and down the coast, about a 2 hour drive, was 3-4′ feet.

This is what Johanna looks like in the hire-car’s Road Atlas. Sure, it’s remote, but it’s long had close ties with the pros - 37 years ago LA boy Rolf Aurness won the World Title here.

This is what Johanna looks like in the hire-car’s Road Atlas. Sure, it’s remote, but it’s long had close ties with the pros – 37 years ago LA boy Rolf Aurness won the World Title here.

The wave was pretty fun and they were able to get a few rounds out of the way and leave the final day for Bells, at least that’s what they were hoping. Bells is funny because it is a pretty hard place to call swell sometime the waves show up and sometimes they don’t.

They were calling for about 3′ waves on the final day but I didn’t think much was going to show up and thought we would be surfing small Winkipop which is just down from Bells. But to every ones’ surprise the final day was 4-5′ and good with not much wind and low tide through most of the day which helps out.

I wasn’t very confident out at Bells couldn’t find the magic board to work and was kind of jumping around on equipment which isn’t always good. Fortunately enough, the last day had some power in the waves and it didn’t matter too much. Everyone surfed really good that day and were happy to see Taj win.

I thought Taj’s big advantage was when the wave got fat and most people were doing cutbacks he is so fast and surfs so tight he was still hitting the lip were there really wasn’t one. I think that’s what separated Taj that day, but still, anyone could have won and I thought everyone was surfing real good.



April 11, 2007


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Last week I was hangin’ in the wild west for the 6 star at Margarets. I had a fun event, making it to the round of 24. We had a great house to stay in up at Yallingup. It was on the fringe of a bangin’ big winery with a view of Smiths Beach. It was a maniac drive each morning with my travel buddy Troy Brooks, dodging huge big Red Kangaroos along Caves Road towards the contest site each day.


One of these Red’s is a scary hothead with sharp claws that jumps out at traffic at dawn and dusk on Caves Road, and can occasionally be seen eating its own faeces. The other is a kangaroo.

I left for Bells on the Sunday night on the dreaded ‘Red Eye’ flight; had a couple of surfs on the Monday and went to bed early for my first heat at bells the next morn.

YES, I did sleep thru my alarm clock the next morning … Fuck it!… I was 3rd heat of the day and the comp had started at 7:30. I paddled out with a vicious ‘bed head’ on and proceeded to get lost in the line-up and miss all the sets that came thru. Stinkin’ it up, some might say. Tom Whits won the heat. I need some more time out there its a real frustrating line up and hard wave to read

At the moment it’s a waiting game. Conditions aren’t looking great for the event, but I’m frothin’ cause I have Mr Bells in my heat, THE OCC. He is one of my heroes and I’m so glad to have a heat with him.


April 5, 2007


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In Torquay now, just waiting to surf my next heat, time to write the blog and let you know what’s been happening this week … Well, made it over to Melbourne from Margaret River, which is a bit of a hike. It takes three hours to drive from the contest to Perth, the main city in WA and the airport you have to fly out of.

The surf in WA kicks like a mule. Here’s Kelly with a busted board. Morris

The surf in WA kicks like a mule. Here’s Kelly with a busted board. | photo – Morris

We did that on Sunday after the Drug Aware 6 star contest, which got us there around 7:00pm, then flew out the next morning at 7:00am, then made it to Bells that afternoon, then had a quick surf, then woke up to surf the contest the next morning. Phew.

I was pretty tired after the whole ordeal, but mainly because Margaret River kicked my butt the last day of the contest. The waves were about 6-8 feet with a lot of water moving and some side-shore winds.

The better waves were the six-footers, hitting the reef on the inside; but when you would try to go in there and get some, you would get hammered by the bigger, fatter sets and after a few heats of that I got pretty tired.

One of the highlights was Dane Reynolds – going-off in just about every heat. I really thought he was going to win that contest. My next bet would have been the man who did win, Mr Perrow. He makes 6-8′ surf look like 2-3′ surf, just attacking everything that came at him.

I was stoked to see him win that contest he is a great guy and has had some bad luck lately so it was well-deserved. Had a great time in West OZ, it is a very special and beautiful place and I really dig going there.

Right now, just waiting to surf my next heat. Bells is a tricky place for me, hard wave to ride, but hopefully I can put it together.



April 2, 2007


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Bells! Wooo! I love this event, cold weather, cold water, Easter eggs and Hells Bells getting a blaring over the Bose system during early mornings at the event! Epic! I arrived here Friday April 30 and have had a few fun surfs at the Bells bowl over the weekend. April 1st was a good day, I got Steds a great April fools. We’re sharing a house that he had booked but I arrived on Friday and he wasn’t arriving til Sunday (April 1).

 Ah, just outside Geelong aint so bad, Steds.

Ah, just outside Geelong aint so bad, Steds.

So … I told him as he was en route Melbourne that our house had been Double-booked and we had to move into a new place. Which wasn’t too much grief for him as he wasn’t here yet.

But as he got off the plane in Melbourne he turned his phone on to see a few horrifying messages!I told him where we were moved was the dirtiest, dingiest, grubbiest little shack ever!

I told him it couldn’t even accommodate all of us, and it was somewhere out near Geelong! (about an hour from Bells). He obviously freaked out and had everyone he knew in the area hunting another house for us.

HAAARRR HAAArR! He called me with the least happy voice I’ve ever heard from him and said “What should we do?’ and I said ‘Do you know today date? Because I’m pretty sure it’s April 1st! Ha, April Fools mate! Our house is sweet!’ … got him good huh!

That’s about it for now.



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Sted’s Blog

My fantastic Friends or Foes, I’m kicking it in Bells right now waiting for the start of the event. Taj is right next to me, showing me all of his surf flicks that he has put together and I’ll tell you what – there are a few clips there that you will all see in the not so distant future. He makes me jealous. Little fucker.

TB flipping out, out the front of his place this week.

TB flipping out, out the front of his place this week. | Shield

WA was fun for a minute. Surfed Rabbits with Snake, Tom and TB and it is the funnest wave ever. TB’s house is practically on the sand there, while Snake opens his blinds from his bed with a remote control and looks right into the eye of the pit. Dynamite place is Yulls. I might buy here one day. Oh, that’s right, houses are worth more here than they are in Sydney. Scrap that idea and stay at the boys’ houses.

I’ll keep you all up to speed with what’s cracking, kids. Talk soon.


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