March 27, 2007


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Well, just about to leave Sydney and head over to Margaret River. I did the 4 star contest on the Central Coast which was about a two hour drive from Sydney city where we have been staying. Waves have been small and weather has been really nice.

Then last night this huge storm came in and the weather went from really hot to cold. Waves came up a lot but it was pretty much victory at sea just had a couple of small boards with me and felt lost at sea in the contest and ended up losing pretty early. Hung out around Bondi and the city catching up with friends and just hanging out really. A bunch of the guys were around because Luke Stedman was getting married so we all hooked up and went for a few surfs.

CJ and I went to Bells for a day because it looked like Bells was going to break and wanted to test some boards and leave some stuff there since Margaret River contest is so close to the start of Bells.

We surfed all day long and it was about 3-4 feet and got to try some boards out. Then went to drop them off at a friend’s house and when I was leaving his driveway I hit a tree and smashed the back of our Nissan Xtrail they charged us $2,500 but hopefully my insurance will cover that or it will be an expensive one day trip.

Looking forward to getting some good waves in Margaret River and there looks like a swell heading there way so I will let you know how it plays out.

Peace, Damo.


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  1. Sucks about the damage to the rental car. Hopefully the insurance company doesn’t screw you on that one. Good luck with the remainder of the Margaret River contest. Looks like you made it past Round 4, which unfortuntely is more than we can say for poor CJ.

    Comment by Cristen — March 29, 2007 @ 7:20 pm

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