March 30, 2007


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Well, here we are, with one event down and 9 to go …

I’m sitting here in Yallingup, WA slowly packing my bags and boards before flying out to Bells. I just got some sick-looking sticks sent to me so I’m gripping and stickering them up hoping one is magic and will help me ring that precious bell. They look so good I’m spending about an hour on each with sticker placement. You gotta have a bangin’ sticker layout, its crucial, ha.

Well, since the Gold Coast event I’ve spent time in QLD, Sydney and here in Yallingup and all those places have had pretty good surf. I drove to Sydney after Quik Pro and scored really fun waves around Yamba with Mick F, Shaun Cans and Dylan Longbottom.

Taj yamba

This is around Yamba, surfing with Mick F. Check the feature on the homepage! | credit – Shieldsy

Once in Sydney, had a few more fun little waves at Bondi and Tamarama. But the big event was on the weekend. I dressed up with my girlfriend and mates and headed to the Northern Beaches for Luke Stedman and Malia Jones’ wedding. It was an epic night with entertaining speeches, good food and drinks and an amazing song performed by the Goons of Doom written for Luke and Malia. Goodtimes! Two days later I headed West and scored a solid swell with Snake. Kelly was also on the West Side sniffing around, so after a little team meeting we decided to let him come surf with us.

the goons

The Goons.

We threw the ski in and took turns whipping into a few beach-break slabs at one of our favourite spots. Snake and I were good hosts to Kelly, maybe a little too good, ha. Anyway I’m now booking flights, rental car and accomo for Bells. See ya there!



March 27, 2007


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Well, just about to leave Sydney and head over to Margaret River. I did the 4 star contest on the Central Coast which was about a two hour drive from Sydney city where we have been staying. Waves have been small and weather has been really nice.

Then last night this huge storm came in and the weather went from really hot to cold. Waves came up a lot but it was pretty much victory at sea just had a couple of small boards with me and felt lost at sea in the contest and ended up losing pretty early. Hung out around Bondi and the city catching up with friends and just hanging out really. A bunch of the guys were around because Luke Stedman was getting married so we all hooked up and went for a few surfs.

CJ and I went to Bells for a day because it looked like Bells was going to break and wanted to test some boards and leave some stuff there since Margaret River contest is so close to the start of Bells.

We surfed all day long and it was about 3-4 feet and got to try some boards out. Then went to drop them off at a friend’s house and when I was leaving his driveway I hit a tree and smashed the back of our Nissan Xtrail they charged us $2,500 but hopefully my insurance will cover that or it will be an expensive one day trip.

Looking forward to getting some good waves in Margaret River and there looks like a swell heading there way so I will let you know how it plays out.

Peace, Damo.


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Sted’s Blog

OK, web world. Holy shit, I have had a hectic two weeks. I thought competing took it out of me, well you should try and get married. It is fucked up. I had the best time on the Gold Coast. Nailed some serious waves while the Quik Pro was on. The bank at Snapper was as good as it gets and the whole line up was always seriously packed. I could never surf there on a regular basis as it is just too crowded. I would do a Martin Bryant and end up just taking a shotgun out there and popping off people left, right and centre.

After getting a 17th to Bede, I was super pissed at the time but after watching him surf the rest of the event I realised I was beaten by the most in-form surfer. He surfed unreal and the semi between him and Kelly was one of the most inspiring ever.

Me and Vaughn Dead smoking it up.

Me and Vaughn Dead smoking it up.

After this, I made my way down to Avalon where I had a horde of family members from home and Hawaii waiting for us. The whole world goes a million miles an hour when you are tying the knot. I was drunk for a week with all the festivities, and the big day IS all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s a banging time when you have all the boys come and celebrate a dynamite time with you.

It’s one I’ll never forget and I strongly advise doing it. Even if you just fake a marriage, the party that you have is so insane it’s worth it. Fuck, why not just marry some chick then get annulled the next day. You get really cool presents.

March 22, 2007


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Well … still in Australia. My family and I have decided to stay through until Bells finishes. We were thinking about heading back to America but Charlotte and I like it here so much we decided to stay. We are headed to Sydney right now; to cruise, see some friends and just be tourist.

Just one of the reasons to be a tourist in Sydney.

Just one of the reasons to be a tourist in Sydney.

I caught some really good waves after the contest and that really helped heal the disappointment I had about my result at the first event.  Also (during the semis and the final of the contest), Greenmount – which starts where the competitors kick-out – was firing!  

Everyone out was getting so barreled it was crazy.  I think if you could get to your feet and set a rail – you were getting barreled.  Caught some good beachbreak action at Straddie and saw Taj, Clay, Kelly and a few others enjoying the perfect A-frame peaks.  

Which brings me back to why it’s so hard to leave Australia, I think they have so many good waves over here it’s just not fair. Most of the other competitors I talked to ended up going home but when your family is with you and everyone is having a good time, there’s no need to take the long flight home.  Sydney should be fun, there ‘s a lot of stuff to see in this place.  

March 16, 2007


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Brooko’s Blog

The circus has left town, so Snapper has no one out … NOT! I think it’s more crowded and more dangerous than ever.

It’s kind of funny after a contest. Watching the line up, the level of surfing jumps; grommets are pushing it, 55-year-olds start doing airs, some surfers making the turns of there life, but most cart-wheeling out of control. It happens everywhere. Sit back and have a look next time, it’s pretty funny.

New boards off your shaper. It’s a pretty cool thing.

New boards off your shaper. It’s a pretty cool thing.

Just got another bundle of boards off my shaper, Murray Bourton. Think I’m up to about 15 new shooters this year so far. These three are little different to my normal 6’1″ x 18 3/8″ x 2 1/4″.

I’m trying to get a good board that will go at Bells, the next event. The waves are different to Snapper down there, long walls and drawn out turns, so tour tens to ride slightly long boards and you will see more rounded pins. I’m going 1/2 inch longer and pulling in the tail to make a pin. I was down at Bells a month ago doing a little R&D, working on the right thickness and length.

Here are a couple of new sprays I did. I’m going with a bit of an Aussie theme at the moment.

Here are a couple of new sprays I did. I’m going with a bit of an Aussie theme at the moment.

March 15, 2007

Boom! Last … ???

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Brooko’s Blog 

Nothing worse then starting off the year with a 33rd! You’ve just spent the last two months with 5am training sessions, surfing Snapper every day, honing in, and … boom! … last. It’s hard to swallow. I just had one of those heats when nothing goes right, felt like I was half a beat out with the wave. That, and De Souza had a blinder.

Round one surf looked great, but was still the end of the road

Round one surf looked great, but was still the end of the road

That was a couple of days ago now. I’m now picking up the pieces and shaking it off. One thing with pro surfing there’s always another comp just around the corner. If you dwell on the loss too long, you’ll carry it in to the next comp and start behind the Eight Ball.

Well, that’s my take on it. What else have I been up to? We had the Fosters World Title ball at the Casino: Kelly and Layne taking another cup home each. All the boys where pretty spruced up and a lot the old world title holders were there. Pretty cool having that much prestige and talent in the same room.

Pre-season tube training in the Bismar Sea Credit: Joli

Pre-season tube training in the Bismar Sea Credit: Joli

Couple of sponsor commitments, did a few promo signings in Brisbane and Surfers’ Paradise at ‘City Beach’ shops; taught a few people to surf at Snapper for the Quiksilver Pro; couple of interviews …  All the boys pretty much do things like this in and around the contests. There is a little more for us than just surfing – not much more, but a little. It’s all pretty easy. Tough life. Ha ha ha …

The ‘CT Trip

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I landed on the Goldy a week early for the event … the waves were pumpin’ and I definitely had a surge of instant froth take over.

I had my good mate Grant with me, and the rest of my entourage would soon arrive. I had my Dad and a handful of other good friends staying with me in an apartment onRainbow Bay.

Kai Otton

Pre-Gold Coast pit fest on the South Coast with Macca and Whits credit: Morris

I thought I would be super nervous for this event, being my first ever WCT, but for some reason I was quite relaxed. I figured I should enjoy this moment and have a lot of fun.

The waves pumped but so did the crowds, at times I was super frustrated, not getting any waves in the free surfs, but I just re-assured myself that I’ll be out there with one other person so that made it all good.

I had a great night at the ASP Banquet before the event, getting on the red wines and donning the good clobber, super fun. The event came so quick and I had a couple of great heats and ended up with a 9th placing. In my first round I had Damo Hobgood and good friend Mick Lowe. I jagged a couple of quick waves early and had a good lead on the heat and was able to hang on for the win.

… Another trophy for Kelly credit: Grambeau

… Another trophy for Kelly credit: Grambeau

Round 3: I had Bobby Martinez and I knew this would be a hard heat. I was lucky to get a wave under Bobby’s priority which ended up being my highest score. I backed this wave up with another quality score and took the win. In my 4th round with Bede Durbidge a crazy storm came in and I could not see a thing.

This heat was really low-scoring and Bede was able to adapt to the deteriorating conditions a little better and progress to the quarters. It was a great introduction to the ‘CT with really fun waves and the event set-up was amazing.

Right now, I’m at home doing some fine tune training for the next Event, Bells, looking forward to it.


March 5, 2007

Gettin’ Intimate In Forster

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 Steads Blog

 Welcome back you wicked kids of the web world. I’m singing a different tune than last time. The waves around my house and up the coast have been the most fun all summer. 4-6 feet for a good 5 days, with near perfect conditions if you know where to go.

Putting one of the new shooters through it’s paces.(credit) Morris

Putting one of the new shooters through it’s paces.(credit) Morris

I got like 10 new boards off my shaper Lee Stacey and I wanted to get to know every one intimately just like you want to get to know your lady friend after a couple of vino’s.

I thought about going to the Goldy early but the crowd factor deterred me, so I headed to Forster where I knew I would get uncrowded waves that were not as long as the Goldy but just as good. As it turned out, I had super-fun, uncrowded 4 to 5 foot waves at Forster and I got to test out a whole bunch of new sticks that I’m frothing on. Super pumped.

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