February 21, 2007


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This continues on for another 100m, we named it “Twiggys” after a load of sticks and twigs in the line-up.

Well I’m back from my wave exploration mission to PNG. We arrived on a small island to the north of the main land; jumped on the MV Kamai, a 45ft power cat; and headed off. After two days searching islands and reef passes, we came across a group of small islands with barrier reefs. Found one really good-looking right and three pretty sick lefts. Two we surfed, and the other one I think would be a perfect left-hand tube, but was too small.


Local Taxi.

We were between two swells, so the waves weren’t huge but they were fun and high performance surf. The locals were cool too, having never seen surfing before. Pretty much the whole village paddled out to watch in their canoes, the younger kids having never seen white people before, so it was a buzz for them too.


Happy locals!

Fish, lots of fish caught. Spanish Mackeral, Wahoo, Blue Fin Trevally. We also saw loads of Dolphins, Sail Fish and Devil Rays. Joli was there to capture it, so look out for the full story in Australia’s Surfing Life in the coming months.

Back home now and Snapper is pumping, not long ’til the Quiksilver Pro starts so I’m out there. Speak soon!


February 7, 2007


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Sted’s Blog

To the wicked web world, Waves have pretty much sucked in Sydney for weeks except last Friday. Went down the coast to Ulladulla and got to surf some waves over 2 feet. Like Pete Doherty I got an amazing fix right when I needed it.


Steds, diggin’ the South Coast scene | Credit: Billy Morris

Also, have been surfing with Rik Love. Its safe to say that Rik is making A serious come back to surfing at a serious level with his board size now dropping from a long board to a 6’6. Dynamite …

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